Installing MacPorts with a non-standard XCode install

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Wed Mar 23 13:28:31 PDT 2011

--- On Wed, 3/23/11, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
stdio.h is in /usr/include/stdio.h is in /usr/lib/

These are standard things to have on your system; if you don't have them, something is awry with your system, either Mac OS X itself, or Xcode (not sure which provides these).
They aren't in a 'basic' OS X install (really!).  They do come with Xcode, which puts them in "/Developer" (or $XCODE, in my example).  They're not placed in the /usr hierarchy unless you ask for it by installing "UNIX Development"; but that just puts a bunch of hardlinks (I think) to the files in the "/Developer" hierarchy, rather than installing anything new:

> Installs a *duplicate* of the GCC compiler and command line tools included with the core Xcode developer tools package into the boot volume.

(That's the description from the Xcode installer; the emphasis is mine.)

I don't want the installer to choose where to put the files; *I* want to choose where to put them.  I know this requires me to go hunting them down and tell Macports about them myself (via CC, LDFLAGS, OBJC, etc.), and I did that; but there is no *anywhere* on the disk (according to
find / -name
).  What I'm wondering is if, given the state of my system, there's any way that I can create the file myself, or otherwise work around its absence.


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