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Phil Dobbin phildobbin at
Wed Nov 2 09:39:58 PDT 2011

On 2/11/11 at 16:32, punk.kish at (Mr. Puneet Kishor) wrote:

>If only it were so easy. I installed 5.14.1 by choice (it was 
>the latest at that time), but the others got installed because 
>some port or the other was tied to a different version, and 
>once a port uses a particular version as a dependency, it 
>installs it even if a later one is available.
>What I don't understand is why I have more than one "active." 
>Actually, I don't even understand the implication of that.

perl of late has been non-binary compatible with earlier 
versions hence all your XS, etc compiled with say, GCC need 
re-compiling to work.

The simple difference between active & inactive is that the 
active port is just that & the inactive port is the old port no 
longer being used or required. Check the MacPorts user guide at 
their site for the full details of how to clean out inactive 
ports. It’s really simple.


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