Phil Dobbin phildobbin at
Sun Nov 6 08:39:31 PST 2011

On 6/11/11 16:28, "Bradley Giesbrecht" <brad at> wrote:

> Yes, sdk.class.php simply includes IF IT EXISTS. Whatever php
> would parse in could
> be parsed in ANY FILE before require_once("AWSSDKforPHP/sdk.class.php");.
> The AWSSDKforPHP package includes a sample file. While you
> learn to use the class I suggest you copy
> it to your working directory and include it before the sdk class. Later you
> can move the file somewhere else
> for organizational purposes.
> $ cp /opt/local/lib/php/pear/AWSSDKforPHP/
> ./
> In your script:
> require_once("");
> require_once("AWSSDKforPHP/sdk.class.php");

I moved the original `AWSSDKforPHP` that I downloaded from PEAR via MacPorts
to ~/.aws/sdk before I port installed the AWSSDKforPHP so as not to confuse
things. The MacPorts `` contains my AWS security details as
does the one in ~/.aws/sdk.

Hard pathing to the relevant files works but I'll use your script to make
life easier.



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