Prompt what package to install when it is missing

Phil Dobbin phildobbin at
Fri Nov 11 11:33:10 PST 2011

On 11/11/11 19:26, "Ryan Schmidt" <ryandesign at> wrote:

> Phil, I think you missed the point of the question. The question is, if a user
> knows they need a program called "hg" but they don't have it installed, what
> can they do to find out what port, if any, would install it? I happen to know
> that "hg" is provided by the port "mercurial", but someone not familiar with
> the software might not know that. The answer is that there is no feature in
> MacPorts to help you with that. "port provides" only works if you know exactly
> where the file is on disk, and if you already have the port installed. "port
> search" only works if the maintainer put the name of the program into the
> port's description. So, to find out what software package provides a given
> program, your best bet is to use an Internet search engine, e.g. Google. Then
> use "port search" to find out if MacPorts has a port for that software
> package.

Point taken. Thanks, Ryan.



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