Prompt what package to install when it is missing

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Fri Nov 11 14:28:00 PST 2011

> Today, that's what we're after. Other days, we're after 

... so?

Command-Not-Found is a python package:

It can pull down a new list of files (scan data) in case you want it to be a separate step within sync/selfupdate:

The scan data looks to simply have a 4-tuple of data: architecture, component, package, binaries. We really only need the last two but could make use of architecture as well.

As Scott pointed out, we simply need to dump a list of programs into this scan data and we're pretty much set. Add in a clause to check that command-not-found is installed, and then bash can automatically scan the file list for packages that provide the missing binary.

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