kde4-kile installation problems on Lion: okular - poppler dependencies

Nicolas Pavillon nicos at macports.org
Wed Nov 16 16:28:30 PST 2011


> 1) The installation stops when trying to install okular with the following message
> "Error: Target org.macports.configure returned: Poppler must be installed with +qt4 and +quartz variants
> Error: Failed to install okular"

As said in previous mails, all dependencies must be installed with +qt4 +quartz variants in order to work, with the qt4-mac version to my knowledge. 

> 2) Tried to install Poppler with +qt4 option give the following error
> "Error: Unable to execute port: Can't install unixODBC because conflicting ports are installed: libiodbc virtuoso"
>   So I've tried to force the installation of unixODBC instead of libiodbc but the procedure fails when trying to
>   install okular

I am not absolutely sure, but I would think that you have some dependencies were installed without the +qt4 +quartz variants, thus installing other dependencies which are now conflicting with the required variant of poppler. I do not have the specific ports, but I attached to the mail the output of the command
port-rdeps -r kde4-kile
which lists all the dependencies of the port kde4-kile, which works on my install. 

> 3) Tried to install Poppler with +quartz option but useless as it continues to give Error message 1)
> How I can go around this problem (by the way I don't think I really need okular for kde4-kile as I
> can use Preview instead)

This is true, but some paths are quite tricky to set with kile, and the present port is supposed to set these in order to have a working install with okular right out of the box. Furthermore, using a program like preview.app prevents you to use various features for synchronization between your tex files and the pdf output (forward and backward sync). 

Hope this helps, 


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