`hg' (mercurial) does not find `hgsubversion' extension in default search path

j. van den hoff veedeehjay at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 23 05:19:48 PST 2011


this seems either a problem of the  `hg' or the `hgsubversion' package  
(probably the latter):

after upgrading to hg 2.0, `hg' does no longer find the `hgsubversion'  
extension in its search path, i.e. the entry
`hgsubversion=' (without explicit path) does no longer work in `.hgrc'.

the reason might be that `hg' now seems to use python2.7. at least this is  
my assumption since in the
`hg' executable defines a libpath of


(don't know relative to what...)

but `hgsubversion' is a python2.6 package and installed in


I believe either `hgsubversion' should be made a python2.7 package (if  
this does not cause compatibility issues) or the `hg' searchpath would  
need to include the location of `hgsubversion' (which then probably would  
have to live in a separate directory, rather than in the 2.6 site-packages  


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