feature request: tell us where the pkg is.

Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 16:28:49 PST 2011

After running this command:
$ port pkg dos2unix
Warning: MacPorts running without privileges. You may be unable to
complete certain actions (e.g. install).
--->  Computing dependencies for dos2unix
--->  Fetching archive for dos2unix
--->  Unpacking tbz2 archive for dos2unix 5.1.1_0
--->  Creating pkg for dos2unix-5.1.1

I was left knowing, comfortingly, that a .pkg file had been created.
Feature request: tell us *where* it was created, so we can then get to it.
ex: I think this one was here:

But I wouldn't have been able to guess that (I had anticipated it
being put in my pwd, but I guess it isn't).
Thank you.

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