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Sun Oct 16 21:14:15 PDT 2011

i have looked at the FAQ in Macports and in the wiki and have yet to see
any prerequisites for a persons knowledge base and that persons ability to
work with the Bash command line or conditional programming.
In the last few years while i have self taught in the http document mark up
and dynamic aspects in PHP, MySQL, and some Javascript i have come to see a
lot of screaming "help me" in forums as well as a lot of miss leading dog`y
I have a few books in the Mac area of Unix, but i see it all boils down to
the shell. either bash or korn or any other that i cannot remember at this
time of writing.
I have found the GNU web page and
i am studying that.

So if there were any prerequisites written some where in relationship to the
Macports project would those prerequisites boil down to being comfortable
with simple commands and complex commands using a host of predefined command
line characters in conjunction with supporting options and any and all of
the characters and their pre defined uses.

Thank you

ps, do you have any, 'good' book references.
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