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I've been having issues with gerbv, which appears to be due to an issue with Cairo.  I have a crash when rendering the higher quality modes which use Cairo, after port updating.  While trying to sort this out, I came across an issue that others may have dealt with, and I'd be grateful for some input.

after fiddleing around a bit, I pretty much deleted the ports installation and started from scratch.  I started out by downloading the portfile for Cairo 1.8.10 and installing this version of Cairo and dependencies (sudo port install).  I then installed gerbv+dependencies (sudo port install gerbv).  However, this fails because the latest version of gtks, which gets installed automatically, needs Cairo 1.10.  

Rather than figure out how far back I need to go with the gtk2 port, is there a way to just find out the date of the last Cairo 1.8.10 update, and install all versions that would have been active on that date?

Alternatively, is there a way to install ports that are compatible with the currently installed dependencies; i.e, automatically install an older version of gtk2 if a newer version requires a newer version of a dependency?

Any other suggestions on how to check to see if going back a version of Cairo will fix the gerbv rendering problem?

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