Errors building gcc44 under MacOsX

David Epstein David.Epstein at
Mon Sep 5 07:18:19 PDT 2011

Ryan Schmidt-24 wrote:
> The fact that you clearly have a 64-bit Mac, and that zlib was
> nevertheless installed 32-bit, and on MacPorts 1.8 or earlier, suggests
> zlib was in fact installed a long time ago, when you were running Leopard
> or earlier, perhaps on a previous machine whose disk was migrated to this
> one, or restored to this one from a backup, and that you did not
> subsequently successfully uninstall your old ports and rebuild them. At
> least not zlib. But I would be surprised if zlib were the only port
> affected.

Right, as usual, Ryan. I had expunged from my mind a certain painful
experience that entailed restoring from a backup. Thanks for the help.

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