sudo port selfupdate fails

Johannes Ruscheinski ruschein at
Mon Sep 5 17:59:42 PDT 2011

Hi Ryan,

On 5 September 2011 17:30, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> On Sep 5, 2011, at 19:07, Johannes Ruscheinski wrote:
>> Here is what I get when I run "sudo port -d selfupdate":
>> --->  Updating the ports tree
>> DEBUG: Synchronizing ports tree(s)
>> Synchronizing local ports tree from file:///opt/mports/trunk/dports
>> DEBUG: /usr/bin/svn update --non-interactive /opt/mports/trunk/dports
>> DEBUG: changing euid/egid - current euid: 0 - current egid: 0
>> U    /opt/mports/trunk/dports/python/py26-pygpgme/Portfile
>> A    /opt/mports/trunk/dports/python/py-matplotlib/files/patch-dviread.diff
>> U    /opt/mports/trunk/dports/python/py-matplotlib/Portfile
>> D    /opt/mports/trunk/dports/www/wml/files
>> ...
>> Updated to revision 83561.
>> Creating port index in /opt/mports/trunk/dports
>> Failed to parse file archivers/arj/Portfile: invalid command name
>> "get_canonical_archflags"
>> Any idea what might be wrong and how to fix it?
> This is normal, unfortunately, for users upgrading from MacPorts 1.x now. get_canonical_archs, installs_libs, and others, are new commands only MacPorts 2 understands. We should not have been trying to rebuild the port index when upgrading the MaCPorts version. We've already fixed this for the future, but unfortunately can't do anything about it for users upgrading from 1.x. Despite all these errors, you should now have MacPorts 2 installed, and simply running selfupdate again should rebuild the port index correctly with MacPorts 2.

I did interrupt this before it was done.  I assume it should be fine
just doing it again (twice?).  Am I correct?

Also, thanks for your help and a project that makes life with Mac OS
almost as enjoyable as using Linux or FreeBSD!   I wouldn't know what
I would do w/o MacPorts!  Thanks!!



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