tsocks: Where are validateconf & inspectsocks utilities?

Stefan Lasiewski slasiewski at lbl.gov
Tue Sep 20 11:45:05 PDT 2011

The tsocks.conf(5) manpage mentions two utilities which can help in
troubleshooting tsocks:

>        tsocks comes with two utilities that can be useful in creating and
> veri-
>        fying the tsocks configuration file.
>        inspectsocks
>               inspectsocks  can  be  used  to determine the SOCKS version
> that a
>               server supports.
>               ...
>        validateconf
>               validateconf can be used to  verify  the  configuration
> file.
>               ...

And /opt/local/share/doc/tsocks/

2. Created files:
>         ...
>         - validateconf - a utility to verify the tsocks configuration file
>         - inspectsocks - a utility to determine the version of a socks
> server
>         ...

But I cannot find these utilities on my system. Have they been removed, and
if so, why were they removed (were they not functional)? Can I rebuild the
port to install these utilities?

Thank you,

-= Stefan

Stefan Lasiewski                         Email: stefanl at nersc.gov
Computer System Engineer III    Email: slasiewski at lbl.gov
Networking, Security, and Servers Group

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