Default `convert` command - MacPorts ImageMagick vs. existing installation

Sam Kuper sam.kuper at
Thu Sep 29 06:21:31 PDT 2011

Dear all,

I recently found that although my Mac had ImageMagick's `convert`
program installed, the `mogrify` command didn't seem to be present. I
didn't recall installing ImageMagick, and because of this fact, and
also the fact that `which convert` yielded "/usr/local/bin/convert", I
assumed that the `convert` command had come included with my OS
(10.6.8), or perhaps the XCode or X11 utilities or some such. In other
words, I assumed that the reason `convert` was installed was that I'd
somehow obtained it via Apple.

So my first question is: was this assumption likely to be correct?
I.e. has anyone else found that their Snow Leopard system, either by
default or after it has had some of Apple's developer tools installed,
has ended up with the `convert` command present (in /usr/local/bin/)
but not the `mogrify` command?

The reason I'm asking is that since I wanted to use the `mogrify`
command, and since as far as I could tell my current ImageMagick
situation was either a stock Apple setup or at least a stock Apple
developer tools setup, I went to and
followed the instructions, which were to run `sudo port install

This installed `mogrify`, and a more recent version of `convert`, to
/opt/local/bin/ . However, the default version of `convert` is still
the version at  /usr/local/bin/convert .  It struck me that if my
earlier assumption was correct, then this wasn't terribly
user-friendly behaviour, so I filed a bug report: . That bug has now been marked
as invalid, which is why I've come to the mailing list to check the
correctness of my assumption.

Thanks for your time,


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