some port was "nice" enough to remove TeX w/o my permission

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Aug 5 01:24:02 PDT 2012

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On Aug 4, 2012, at 17:13, Damon McDougall wrote:

> This happened to me too!
>> I really don't think so… *installing* a port should not *uninstall* any other ports. *Upgrading* a port *could* uninstall old versions of dependencies, *if* you used the "-u" flag when upgrading to indicate that you wanted that to happen.
> Is there a way to say, "update this port and remove the previous version
> of it

sudo port -u upgrade whatever

It will remove the previously active version of this port, and its dependencies, if any of its dependencies were also in need of upgrade.

> but don't uninstall outdated dependencies", presumably because
> other ports might also use these dependencies?

If dependencies are outdated, they must be upgraded first.

If this breaks other ports, then probably those other ports need to be rebuilt as well. If those other ports don't already show up in the output of "port outdated" and you've already run "sudo port selfupdate", then this is probably a bug that you should file a bug report about.

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