Mountain Lion/Xcode/Macports upgrade failure

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Tue Aug 7 23:24:57 PDT 2012

== Jeremy Lavergne wrote on Wed  8.Aug'12 at  0:06:30 -0400 ==

> > Which utils are in the command line utils package?
> gcc/java/clang/make... everything but xcode.
> > I just tried to go
> > there, and was asked for an ID, which would cost no less than $99 just to
> > open the page.  WTFO?
> At the very bottom of the page it offers a free account.
Yes you don't need to pay $99 for an account. You use a free account and resgister your email as your Apple ID. It allows you to download software from there. That was the way to upgrade Xcode releases prior to them being made available on the App store in earlier releases of Mac OS X - sorry, as from ML it's just "OS X" I gather. 

I suggest that for people wanting to upgrade they upgrade thier Xcode tools before upgrading their OS. On my Lion machine I upgraded Xcode; opened the new version; it provided an option to remove the older version, then started-up; then, go to Preferences -> ... -> Downloads and there will be some options offered, some relevent to the iOS development tools, but most importantly for MacPorts the Command-Line Tools and then download. Check the version with `clang --version` from a terminal. I've been able to update alot of other preinstalled stuff like iMovie, ..., that are ready for ML now should I choose to upgrade the OS. For the benefit of those yet to go through this process I suggest doing it that way. 

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