quartz/x11 conflict

Michaël Parchet mparchet at sunrise.ch
Fri Aug 17 14:35:36 PDT 2012


Usually, xquartz should be install only after deactivate x11 on mac os prior to monition lion because x11 is generally installed by default in thees mac os versions

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Le 16 août 2012 à 03:05, Ludwig <im.not.using.any.numbers at gmail.com> a écrit :

> I uninstalled everything gtk2 related all the way down to cairo in an
> effort to get gtk2 +quartz installed.  Yet when installing gtk2
> +quartz
> directly, in installs pango and cairo +quartz+x11, which causes gtk2 +quartz
> (which conflicts with +x11) to fail, as it requires pango to be built
> -x11.  Okay,
> fine, manually install pango +quartz +no_x11.  Oops, that requires
> cairo to be
> built -x11.  Build that by itself.  Then build pango by itself.  Then
> gtk2.
> That seems to work.
> But seeing as how +x11 and +quartz are incompatible at such a low
> level, shouldn't
> they be mutually exclusive in all dependent ports?
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