Is there a way to self-update without messing with a particular installation ?

James Damon jdamon at
Wed Aug 22 14:03:50 PDT 2012

I have had this problems twice now where I performed a port selfupdate and
it ended up changing my version of Perl to 5.12.4.   This wouldn't have
been that bad, except that it appeared that the previous version , 5.10.1
was deleted. This was a problem because the number of Perl modules that I
have to install to get our product working is quite large and takes a while
to install (and even hack to get some working ), so I would prefer not to
go this route again.

I am asking this question now because I currently am getting messages
informing me that I must "selfupdate" my ports again, but I am really
hesitant to do this if my Perl distro might get removed again.

Should the "port selfupdate" actually remove existing packages , like a
Perl , or did I just do something strange with my invocation of the command
? Is there a way to guard against this ?

Thanks for any information that could shed light on this matter,

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