Mac Book sleeping modus during running update webkit-gtk

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Mon Aug 27 08:57:06 PDT 2012

Hello Ryan,

Am 27.08.2012 um 07:44 schrieb Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>:

> On Aug 26, 2012, at 22:53, FritzS - gmx <fritzs at> wrote:
>> yesterday I must close my MBP during an webkit-gtk  1.6.3_4 < 1.8.2_2 update  running in a terminal window.
>> The MBP goes to sleeping mode. Today morning, after waking up, the update wake up and running from this point if it goes to sleep yesterday.
>> Could this make problems? What is your experience with Mac OS X goes to sleep, during macports updates or installing runs in terminal?
>> Please excuse my not so good english, my native language is German - I live in Austria, Vienna.
> I suspect it will work fine; I've done that many times with various ports.
> If it does run into a problem, you can "sudo port clean webkit-gtk" and try again at a time when you can leave the computer running without sleeping—maybe overnight.

At the end of  port update outdated no error message coming - I think the updates are OK - Mac OS X could handle get sleeping port update too

Now I run the installed ports, all works well.

I have only installed GIMP and, pan, the putty familie

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