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Wed Aug 29 17:21:07 PDT 2012

Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:

> [ Phil Dobbin wrote on Thu 30.Aug'12 at  0:27:54 +0100 ]


>> So if I `sudo cp -R /opt/local/macports` to a suitable location & use
>> the ports installed file (I regularly take a snapshot of ports installed
>> via `port -qv installed > myports.txt`) that should give me a head start
>> in case alarm bells start to toll?
>> I'll also study the migration page although Snow Leopard is where I get
>> off the train as far as OS X is concerned.
>> Cheers,
>>   Phil...
> Couldn't you use traditional UNIX tools like dump/restore or dd to back-up /opt/local?

I'm using rsync (actually Duplicity because the remote location is S3)
so it was the location of the files on my local drive to be backed up
that was the question not the method used for backup.



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