How to modify dependents database

John Daschbach jldasch at
Fri Aug 31 10:47:28 PDT 2012

	Still struggling with being unable to configure or compile lots of macports.  Using port -d hasn't really changed much.  it clearly is related to clang, but not clear exactly how.

	python27 dies in the first call to clang in configure, python33 dies in the second.  

	I can build both by running configure from a shell with the same call as macports.  (using the call line from the top of configure.log). 

	This same approach has worked for other standard ports (using GNU configure scripts).    So the problem has something to do with how clang behaves when called as a subprocess from macports (tcl).

	Some ports configure and build fine.  Have not checked in detail what their configure scripts test or don't test for compared with ones that fail.   

	Now my question is after building and installing from a shell, but into /opt/local, how do I alter the macports db to indicate I have dependencies installed?


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