DigiKam can't find MySql

Richard Mallamo ric.mallamo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 11:03:03 PST 2012

I just successfully downloaded, compiled and installed the Macport of Digikam -- the process was rather smooth, thank you! But on startup the DigiKam icon bounces for a while, and then I get and error message which reads: 

"Run-time Qt4 SQLite or MySQL database plugin is not available - please install it.
Database plugins installed on your computer are listed below:

There is no "QSQLITE3" on my system (don't know why it returned that), but MySql5 WAS installed along with the other DigiKam dependencies. (At least I assume other things were installed as I've not be able to start up DigiKam.) I've also found a Qt4 SQLite plug in directory, with a portfile file in the directory.

Was the Macports DigiKam installation supposed to create the plugin? Am I supposed to do so? If the latter, how? Sorry, I'm a bit new at this, and have hardly looked at a command line since the DOS days, although I'm not the least reluctant to get busy in the terminal ... if I can be guided as to what I should do (and why).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Mac mini, late 2009, 2.53 GHz, 8 GB, blah, blah

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