sudo port install tk -quartz problem (related with pymol)

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Dec 26 17:22:28 PST 2012

On Dec 26, 2012, at 18:30, Clemens Lang <cal at> wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 08:19:23AM -0600, Peng Yu wrote:
>> $ otool -L /opt/local/bin/wish8.6
>> 	/opt/local/lib:/opt/local/lib/libtk8.6.dylib (compatibility version 8.6.0, current version 8.6.0)
> That's the problem. The part before (and including) the colon shouldn't
> be there. This might be a bug in the port; please file a ticket.

Yeah that's weird... for the record I don't see this problem on my system. So if you still see this problem after a rebuild, please attach a log of the build to the ticket.

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