Help with Lion's symbolic links

M A markoilcan at
Mon Feb 6 18:40:31 PST 2012

I apologize for raising an issue that is not specific to macports, but
Google hasn't provided me an answer. In any case, after upgrading my
system to Lion I find that I can no longer save to symbolic links to a
directory in standard Mac GUI applications. So, for instance, I might
have dir_orig as a directory in my home directory and create (using ln
-s) dir_link which points to dir_orig. When I'm in some Mac app and
hit command-S to save (e.g. in Word), I see that dir_link is grayed
out and I can't save my file into it. Permissions on both the link and
the original directory are fine (I can set both to world rwx and it's
still a problem). I found some mentions of this problem on Google, but
no solutions or explanations. I can work around it by changing
symbolic links to aliases, but it will be a serious headache if I have
to do that for all of them. Have others here met with this problem?
Any solutions?

Mark A

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