Debian-like rename utility - available via MacPorts?

Sam Kuper sam.kuper at
Wed Feb 22 15:33:50 PST 2012

Dear all,

If I'm not mistaken, in Debian Linux (& Ubuntu, etc), there is a
"rename" utility, which I think comes from Debian's Perl package. It
allows file renaming using regular expressions, as described in Jens
Dreger's post here[1].

Apparently it (or something very much like it) is now available for
Mac users via Brew.[2]

However, I'm not a Brew user, I'm a MacPorts user. Please can you tell
me if this utility is available via MacPorts?

The closest I've found so far is "renameutils", which IMO doesn't
offer anything like the same ease of use, and isn't what I'm looking
for at all.

I haven't yet tried installing any of MacPorts's Perl packages,
because in order to exhaustively check all of them for whether they
include the "rename" utility, I'd potentially have to install several
of them!

In any case, it would be much better if MacPorts users could simply
get "rename" by running "port install rename" much as Brew users can
apparently get it by running "brew install rename"[2].

I did do a web search before posting this message and this topic
doesn't seem to have been discussed before, but if my google-fu failed
me and it *has* already been discussed, please feel free to point me
to the relevant discussion.

Thanks in advance for your comments and assistance,



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