gcc et al without XCode

Brandon Allbery allbery.b at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 15:36:06 PST 2012

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 18:26, Brandon LeBlanc <demosdemon at gmail.com> wrote:

> I haven't done any extensive testing with the command line tools
> installable within Xcode, but I will say after installing that,
> MacPorts worked just fine without error for me.

There are a number of ports (off the top of my head, MacVim is one) that
use xcodebuild to non-interactively build actual Xcode projects; these will
actually require full Xcode, not just the command line compilers and

Trying to figure out what a system has installed and what it might be able
to support is hard enough as it is without having to deal with "what
subsets of development stuff are installed?".

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