Cleaning up stale dependencies

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at
Sat Feb 25 09:32:55 PST 2012

Here is an oddity on my machine:

Inkscape depends on py27-lxml, but py26-lxml counts inkscape among its

; port deps inkscape
Full Name: inkscape @0.48.2_2+python27
Build Dependencies:   pkgconfig, intltool, perl5
Library Dependencies: boehmgc, gsl, gtkmm, gnome-vfs, lcms, poppler, boost,
                      ImageMagick, libwpg, gtkspell2, py27-lxml, py27-numpy,
; port dependents py26-lxml
inkscape depends on py26-lxml

>From a small amount of poking around, I think there are more instances
of this phenomenon. If possible, I would like to get rid of python26
altogether, along with all the py26-* ports. But I don't know if this
is indeed safe. How can I find out? And why aren't deps and dependents
simply inverses of each other?

- Harald

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