Cleaning up stale dependencies

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Feb 26 06:48:38 PST 2012

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at wrote:
> [Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> (2012-02-25 20:05:51 UTC)]
>> deps and dependencies are conceptual inverses of one another. However the information is recorded in the registry at install time. At the time you installed py26-lxml, it was needed for inkscape.
> Right; this much makes sense. But when inkscape is upgraded, why not remove the dependency information for the old version from the registry?

This is exactly what happens, not when inkscape is upgraded necessarily,
but when the old version is uninstalled.

Possibilities: inkscape hasn't been updated since you were migrated from
the flat registry (in which case the extra dep will go away in the next
version or if you reinstall), or you still have the old version
installed but inactive.

- Josh

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