Cleaning up stale dependencies

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Feb 26 11:38:49 PST 2012

On Feb 26, 2012, at 10:51, Harald Hanche-Olsen wrote:

> But - wait a moment:
> ; port echo inkscape and installed
> inkscape                       @0.48.2_2+python26

FYI, you could also use "port installed inkscape"

> Well, wow. That explains a lot. I guess I'll reinstall with +python27,
> and this particular problem will go away. Splendid.
> I guess the source of my confusion is the output of this:
> ; port deps inkscape
> Full Name: inkscape @0.48.2_2+python27
> Build Dependencies:   pkgconfig, intltool, perl5
> Library Dependencies: boehmgc, gsl, gtkmm, gnome-vfs, lcms, poppler, boost,
>                      ImageMagick, libwpg, gtkspell2, py27-lxml, py27-numpy,
>                      py27-xml
> I hadn't even looked at the first output line, giving the full name,
> which of course doesn't match what is installed. I was not aware of
> this discrepancy. So I take it that the output of “port deps” has
> little relationship to the actual installed ports, but merely shows
> information from the portfile?

Correct. "port deps inkscape" shows the dependencies of inkscape with its default variants. But you have inkscape installed with the python26 variant.

"port deps inkscape +python26" would show you the deps of inkscape with the python26 variant, if you were interested in that.

When the ability for the user to choose the python version used for inkscape was added in r83781, the default was kept at python26 to match the previous behavior of the port. Later in r85344 the default was changed to python27 but any users who already had the port installed before with the python26 variant will retain it going forward. This is intentional; we don't want to suddenly switch you to a whole new version of python. If you want to switch to a new version of python, that's up to you, and you can reinstall the port with the python27 variant to indicate that desire.

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