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On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 18:47, Ollie Oberg <ollie at> wrote:

> I've had a few similar problems installing under Leopard.  "shell command
> failed" errors often were the result of something going wrong with
> pkg-config.  I would recommend trying to install xfig from source (if
> available) and seeing what the output is

Note that "shell command failed" there means exactly one thing:  the Tcl
command to execute a shell command got back a nonzero exit status.  It
doesn't even tell you what the exit status was, much less what caused the

Also, xmkmf does not generally run pkg-config.  It *does* run imake,
however, and I am not under the impression that the imake information for
Xquartz is considered generally usable; in fact, these days I'm not sure
it's very usable on any platform (it was pretty badly bitrotted on Linux
even 10 years ago).

Your best bet may be to find a modern version of the program which doesn't
depend on xmkmf/imake.

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