Fwd: how long for changes to propagate in macports?

James Long jdlong at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 12:14:34 PDT 2012

Meant for that to go to the list, not Lawrence directly.

Problem solved. Thank you all for your help!


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From: James Long <jdlong at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 4:13 PM
Subject: Re: how long for changes to propagate in macports?
To: Lawrence Velázquez <larry.velazquez at gmail.com>

After I was armed with the knowledge that I should have it by now, I
dug a little deeper. I discovered that I had molested my sources.conf
in an earlier attempt to  work around my work's draconian blocking of
rsync. After geting rsync approval I had then not reverted to the
default sources.conf.

So, as with most issues, this one was user induced. Thank you all for
the fast responses!


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Lawrence Velázquez
<larry.velazquez at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jul 2, 2012, at 2:03 p.m., James Long wrote:
>> How long does it normally take for changes to ports to propagate from
>> check in to being able to be updated via selfupdate?
> I think it's usually less than an hour. A couple of hours at most. Someone more knowledgeable should correct me on this.
>> I'm asking because I am in need of version 0.8.0 of py-pandas which
>> appears to have been added to macports ~5 hours ago:
>> https://trac.macports.org/changeset/94919
>> However when I do a selfupdate then an `upgrade outdated` macports
>> thinks everything is up to date.
> Hm, I just did a selfupdate, and it looks like it's there:
>     % port list py-pandas
>     py-pandas                      @0.8.0          python/py-pandas
> vq

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