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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jul 2 17:58:57 PDT 2012

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On Jul 2, 2012, at 07:32, Comer Duncan wrote:

> Hi Ryan,
> Ok, I found the variants.conf file.  I must have changed it a year and a half ago when I first got the macbook pro, but did not recall doing it.  My fault.  I list below the current contents of the file:
> variants.conf:
> # To specify global variants to use for all port builds,
> # customize this file to list variant settings you want.
> #
> # Be sure to uncomment/define the variants_conf setting
> # in the system wide ${prefix}/etc/macports/macports.conf
> # file or in your personal ~/.macports/macports.conf to
> # point to this file to enable this feature.
> #
> # Any variants specified here that are not supported by
> # a port will just be ignored. Multiple variants can be
> # specified per line, or one per line is also allowed.
> #
> # Example:
> # +ipv6 +no_x11
> +no_x11
> -x11
> +quartz
> I guess I must have been induced to modify the default (empty) variants.conf file because of some instruction from someone as I was then new to macports.   So, my question is what is the best way forward?  I could just rename this file so nothing would be read as a change instruction when getting the port or I can leave in one option? Which one?  Maybe the above stuff is inconsistent even?
> Thanks for your help.

What you have in the variants.conf file above is consistent with wanting to use Quartz and not X11.

As I said before, you should decide whether you want to use Quartz or X11 before installing any ports; based on your above variants.conf, you apparently decided before you installed any ports that you wanted to use Quartz and not X11. That's fine. Changing your mind about that now would mean needing to first uninstall all ports you have installed, then reinstalling them after you make the change.

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