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On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 10:52 AM, Jeremy Lavergne
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>> yes, but that would only work if a binary is available!
> Yes, but it'll do what you're after: letting you know if one is available.
> You can add -p if you want it go on and do what it can from a list of ports you want to install without bailing at first error.

Good idea, so say you want to install some set of ports, one of which
has many deps:

> port -p -b install port1 port2 port3 big-port

port1 port2 go in fine, port3 isn't available as a binary and one of
the deps of big-port isn't available.

You can then check what's missing with:

> port echo port1 port2 port3 big-port rdepof:big-port and not installed

You would see something like:

> port3
> big-port
> big-port-dep1

You can then install the ports that you have to manually compile when
you have the processor time:

> port install port3 big-port

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