Mediawiki and php53/ph54

Marc W. macports-users at
Tue Jul 3 16:22:22 PDT 2012

With the recent migration of php5 to php53/php54, I'm looking at
installing MediaWiki, but it has a dependency upon php5-mysql and

$ port list mediawiki\*
mediawiki                      @1.17.0         www/mediawiki

$ port deps mediawiki
Full Name: mediawiki @1.17.0_0+mysql
Runtime Dependencies: libiconv, jpeg, jasper, tiff, lcms, libpng,
freetype, libxml2, jbigkit, expat, fontconfig,
                      ghostscript, ImageMagick, aspell, php5-web, php5-mysql

Since I'm using the php53/php54, I don't want to install
php5-{web,mysql} and its assorted php5-* dependencies. What are my
options here? Does the mediawiki port need to be updated? Does it need
different variants or separate ports to support either php53 or php54?

Thanks for your advice,

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