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> If I don't specify -b, I always seem to build from source. What should I be
> looking for in the macports.conf?

As from "man macports.conf":

         Controls whether ports are built from source or downloaded as pre-
         built archives. Setting to 'always' will never use archives,
         will always try to use an archive and fail if one is not available.
         'ifneeded' will try to fetch an archive and fall back to building
         from source if that isn't possible.
         Default: ifneeded

         Format of archives in which to store port images. This controls
         the type of archive created locally after building from source, and
         the type to request from remote servers. Changing this will not
         affect the usability of already installed archives; they can be of
         any supported type.
         Supported types are: tgz, tar, tbz, tbz2, tlz, txz, xar, zip, cpgz,
         Default: tbz2

Changing portarchivetype from tbz2 means that the prebuilt archives won't
be found (as they are all in tbz2 format only).

Also, is there any way to do something similar to port list outdated that
> will tell me whether a binary of a newer version is available?

Not so far as I am aware.  It could probably be written, though, since the
archives all have (obviously) well defined names.

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