Error on "sudo port -v upgrade outdated"

Kok-Yong Tan ktan at
Mon Jul 9 06:17:49 PDT 2012

On 7/9/12 09:14, Chris Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> On 09/07/12 14:12, Kok-Yong Tan wrote:
>> On 7/9/12 09:00, Jeremy Lavergne wrote:
>>>> gcc[tab][tab] gave me 108 possibilities, none of which applied. I did
>>>> a "which gcc" and it gave me:
>>>> /usr/bin/gcc
>>>> and that's what gives me version 4.0.1.
>>> Sounds like you only have gcc in /usr/bin then. Is it a symlink?
>>> ls -l /usr/bin/gcc
>> Hmmm, it looks like gcc is a symlink to gcc-4.0.
>> There seems to be a whole lot of things in /usr/bin that have both 4.0.1
>> and 4.2.1 versions. I'm wondering if I change the symlink to 4.2.1, what
>> else will break: Don't the dynamic libraries, etc., also have to match,
>> not mention the linker, etc.?
> Don't fiddle with the sym links in /usr/bin by hand !! You will for 
> sure break something.
> MacPorts doesn't need the compiler to be 'usr/bin/gcc' in order to use 
> it. It will happily used the versioned binaries in there directly, if 
> configured to do so.
> Chris

So noted.  I haven't done anything yet.  However, it seems apparent that 
I've got to change *SOMETHING* to get MacPorts to compile...

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