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> We have tried to download Ghostscript to our OSX Lion, we choose the
> MacPorts,      Ghostscript 9.05 listed, we click download, and that box
> pops up with  a box saying we need to download MacPorts.  We end up in a
> do-loop with no download.

Where are you doing this?  Because that's not how MacPorts works.

First, you make sure Xcode is installed.  While some ports with suitable
licenses and default variants on some Mac platforms are available as binary
archives, much of the time ports must be built from source.  This requires
a full Xcode installation (not the minimal one Apple recently came up with)
because some ports use xcodebuild.

You then install MacPorts ( ); this install and
configures the MacPorts framework and does an initial download of the ports
tree, which is a repository of recipes.  You would then open a new Terminal
window and type "sudo port install ghostscript" to install the ghostscript
port (and its dependencies).

There are some GUI wrappers, none of which is fully functional at the
moment as I understand it (one is obsolete and nonfunctional on Lion, the
others are still in development/incomplete).

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