git bash_completion does not work

Stefan Scheidt stefan.scheidt at
Sun Jul 15 13:01:33 PDT 2012


a couple of days ago I updated my ports (sudo port upgrade outdated), and now bash_completion for git does not work.

port installed says:

  bash @4.2.29_0 (active)
  bash-completion @2.0_1 (active)

  git-core @ (active)

bash -version say

GNU bash, Version 4.2.29(2)-release (i386-apple-darwin11.3.0)

and in .bashrc (sourced by .bash_profile) I have added this:

if [ -f /opt/local/etc/profile.d/ ]; then
    . /opt/local/etc/profile.d/

with the new "profile.d".

Any Ideas why bash_completion does not work for git?


Stefan Scheidt

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