Build Petsc with Shared Libraries

Sean Farley sean.michael.farley at
Thu Jul 19 14:23:14 PDT 2012

> Sean, it's up to the maintainers of those ports as to whether they would like to incorporate your changes, and for the petsc port, I would encourage you to file a bug report with a diff with these changes and explanations about why the changes need to be made.

That actually was my plan but most of the time when I interact with
the MacPorts devs, I never hear back:

As a new person to the MacPorts scene, I've found that it's mostly
discouraging to try to submit patches for discussion.

> In the case of our metis and SuiteSparse ports, they have no maintainers. You can still file tickets with diffs and someone will review them and commit them eventually. If the tickets don't get addressed in a timely manner you can ping the macports-dev mailing list to remind us.
> None of the other ports you mentioned exist in MacPorts at this time. You would be welcome to contribute your ports to us by filing tickets in the issue tracker as usual. Note that for parmetis a port has already been submitted; you could see if that one is the same as yours, or if not, submit an updated version there:

How is a three-year old ticket that never got reviewed suppose to
encourage someone that the MacPorts devs will even bother to respond?

I would love to one day submit all my patches for review but I just
don't have a clear message from the MacPorts community that the
patches would even be reviewed; much less, constructively reviewed.

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