CMake log needed to help find a bug

Ian Wadham at
Wed Jul 25 17:37:33 PDT 2012

I reported a problem with kdelibs4 @4.8.2_0 failing to detect compiler characteristics
correctly, see and also

A KDE developer has responded to the latter report and he has asked for logs of
CMake output from my Macports build of kdelibs4 @4.8.2_0.  How do I get this?

AFAICS the Macports logs are deleted after a successful build.  So must I do:

    sudo port uninstall  kdelibs4 @4.8.2_0
    sudo port -k install  kdelibs4 @4.8.2_0

...?  And if I do, how do I find the logs?  And how do I find the logs I want amongst
all the other logs?

Thanks in advance, Ian W.

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