how to proceed past errors?

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia jeremyhu at
Thu Jul 26 09:43:07 PDT 2012

On Jul 26, 2012, at 09:41, "Daniel J. Luke" <dluke at> wrote:

> On Jul 26, 2012, at 12:29 PM, Dominik Reichardt <domiman at> wrote:
>> how do I proceed past errors? my upgrade on ML fails on w3m (not to mention fluidsynth but that has a solution inthe tracker) and I'd like to move on :)
>> I think I once saw a mention on how to proceed but can't find it anymore...
> From the man page:
>     -p       Despite any errors encountered, proceed to process multiple
>              ports and commands.

That is *very* problematic.  Don't do it unless you really, really, really know what it implies.

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