Which X11 test_extensions setting for xdotool?

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 07:14:07 PDT 2012

Under MacPorts 2.1.2 on Mountain Lion, after updating ports including 
xdotool, I got the message:

    To use xdotool (and avoid the error message "Error: XTEST extension
    unavailabl on '(null)'") you need to enable the XTEST extension. If
    you're using Apple's X11.app, the command to do so is:

    defaults write org.x.X11 enable_test_extensions -boolean true

    If you're using the MacPorts X11.app, use:

    defaults write org.macports.X11 enable_test_extensions -boolean true

    This only needs to be done once.

But I've directly downloaded and installed XQuartz.app rather than 
Apple's X11.app. And I don't have any port named x11 from MacPorts; I do 
have xorg-libX11 from MacPorts.

What should I do?

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