cdrtools doesn't build mkisofs

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Jun 6 14:10:28 PDT 2012

On Jun 6, 2012, at 15:51, Michael Parchet wrote:

> Le 06.06.12 19:44, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :
>> port contents cdrtools
> Port cdrtools contains:
>  /opt/local/bin/btcflash
>  /opt/local/bin/cdda2mp3
>  /opt/local/bin/cdda2ogg
>  /opt/local/bin/cdda2wav
>  /opt/local/bin/cdrecord
>  /opt/local/bin/devdump
>  /opt/local/bin/isodebug
>  /opt/local/bin/isodump
>  /opt/local/bin/isovfy
>  /opt/local/bin/readcd
>  /opt/local/bin/scgcheck
>  /opt/local/bin/scgskeleton
>  /opt/local/etc/default/cdrecord
>  /opt/local/etc/default/rscsi


I agree with you, there's no mkisofs here. Interesting! Comparing your contents with mine, you're missing isoinfo, mkhybrid, and mkisofs, and the associated documentation and manpages. Those appear to be the three programs that use gettext and libiconv, so perhaps something is the matter with your gettext or libiconv, and a problem with cdrtools' configure or Makefile that it doesn't notice or report the problem.

> Can you help me please ?

I'd like to compare your main.log with mine. Usually the main.log is deleted on a successful build, so unless you had previously set "keeplogs yes" in your macports.conf, you should do that now and rebuild the port with:

sudo port -ns upgrade --force cdrtools

Then assuming you still don't have mkisofs, please run:

port logfile cdrtools

which will show you the location of the main.log; then please send me that main.log.

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