Request for two ports

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Jun 9 21:15:56 PDT 2012

On Jun 9, 2012, at 23:03, Jim Graham wrote:

> I'm looking for two ports:  gvim (which I thought was part of vim,
> but apparently it's now split out from the vim distro) and the solitaire
> pack, xpat2.  Oh, one other one---a great check book program called
> cbb (check book balancer).  I've been using it for [hmmm, how many
> years HAS it been?] ... well, a LONG time.  Most of the Mac checkbook
> programs I've seen have you entering negative amounts for expenses,
> where cbb gives you two columns---one for deposits, one for debits.
> Just my opinion, but like I said, I've been using it for years (I'd
> guess since around 199-something).  I don't think it's maintained
> anymore, but it's still good.  My only real gripe with it is that
> if you enter debit card listings, then a check, then more debit
> card stuff, it puts ALL of the debit card stuff before the checks,
> even if that's the wrong sequence.  Annoying, but not too bad.

You can file port request tickets in the issue tracker.

> Also, regarding errors (with the latest MacPorts release), about half
> of the ports I tried to install today failed due to an error somewhere
> in the build process (I'm just now building my new Mac up with my
> "standard" utils).

Please file bug report tickets in the issue tracker.

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