Conflicting ports

Adam Dershowitz dersh at
Mon Jun 11 09:08:58 PDT 2012

I have subversion installed.  It depends on cyrus-sasl2.  I also have ext2fuse installed, which depends on e2fsprogs.
All was working fine.  But, I just did a sync, and now cyrus-sasl2 wants to update from 2.1.23_3 to 2.1.25.  The problem is that it now depends on kerberos5 and kerberos5 conflicts with e2fsprogs.  I do see that the current variant I have installed of cyrus-sasl2 is +kerberos, so I am not sure why this apparent conflict didn't show up before.  At the moment it doesn't seem that I have the kerberos5 port installed.  Perhaps the 2.1.23_3 version of cyrus-sasl2 used a different kerberos and now it is trying to use the macports kerberos?  

In this case, I don't think that it is really a bug with a single port, but instead the relationship between a few: subversion, cyrus-sasl2, e2fsprogs, ext2fuse, kerberos5.  But, it seems like it is no longer possible to have subversion and ext2fuse installed at the same time. 

Any thoughts about what is going on?  And more importantly, is there any work around?    

I saw the postings about the circular dependencies involving cycrus-sasl2 and kerberos and realize that this is related.  


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