Port upgrade outdated no longer plays nice

Lawrence Velázquez larry.velazquez at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 13:50:22 PDT 2012

On Jun 11, 2012, at 4:29 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> wrote:

> If you don't already have the port installed, MacPorts will tell you it can't upgrade a port you don't have installed.

I assumed he had it installed already, since he was trying to upgrade outdated ports.

> And if you do already have it installed, then because as you say there was no change to the version, revision or epoch, asking MacPorts to upgrade it won't do anything, because there's nothing to upgrade.

Hm. When running "upgrade installed", I've definitely seen MacPorts rebuild ports that were not listed as outdated. (That is, "upgrade outdated" did nothing, but "upgrade installed" did something. I saw this recently with cloog and isl.) Of course, it's possible that I misattributed the reason for this.


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