nvi: "./en_GB.UTF-8": no such file or directory" error

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at kode5.net
Tue Jun 12 05:27:26 PDT 2012


when invoking nvi - which i've set as my default system editor - I get the error written in the subject: header. 

I have looked on the internet and found an old bug : Ticket #25733

As you will see a patch was submitted but it's a really old bug report, I only installed this program recently so i've assumed this would/should have been rectified. 

Someone wrote on the ticket that simlinking the locale to /opt/local/share/vi/catalog/english prevented the error. I haven't tried this yet because I wanted to post here first to get some more recent feedback. Can anyone advise what is the best action to take to resolve this - albeit minor - problem?

Many thanks, I look forward to a response. 

Best wishes, 


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