cdrtools doesn't build mkisofs

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Wed Jun 13 14:39:43 PDT 2012

> OK - so it's possible to append some extra stuff
> what else can one put at the end & what's the general format ???

man port

     The upgrade target works on a port and its dependencies. If you want to
     change this behaviour, look at the switches for n (no dependencies) and R
     (dependents) below.

     Upgrade the installed portname.  For example:

           port upgrade vim

     To upgrade all installed ports:

           port upgrade installed

     To upgrade portname and the ports that depend on it:

           port -R upgrade libiconv

     To force an upgrade (rebuild) use:

           port upgrade --force vim

     To upgrade portname without following its dependencies, use -n.  For

           port -n upgrade wireshark

     Note that in selecting the variants to use in the upgraded build of the
     port, any variants specified on the command line take highest precedence,
     then the variants active in the latest installed version of the port, and
     finally the global variants specified in variants.conf, if any.  Note
     that upgrade will not normally rebuild a port only to change the selected
     variants; you can either specify --enforce-variants, or deactivate the
     port and reinstall it with different variants.

     After the upgrade MacPorts will automatically run rev-upgrade to check
     for broken ports that need to be rebuilt. If there are known problems
     with rev-upgrade or other reasons why you would want to avoid running
     this step, you can disable it by running port upgrade with the --no-rev-
     upgrade switch:

           port upgrade --no-rev-upgrade outdated

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