Rebuilding broken ports over...and over...and over

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Fri Jun 15 10:37:00 PDT 2012

> I then cleaned perl5.12 and tried "sudo port install perl5.12 +universal".  It trundled away installing several universal versions of dependencies but while 'finishing' it found 4 broken ports and reinstalled them.  Then it found 2 broken ports (different this time) and reinstalled them.  After that it found 4 broken ports--the same it found the first time and reinstalled them.  Next it found 7 broken ports, including some repeats and some new, and ...  Eventually I hit Control-C.
> Rather than mess around more, what is the best way to start fresh--short of wiping the disk and reinstalling OS X, XCode, etc?

So the rebuild issue is that likely, there are dependencies being had that aren't actually recorded. So when you build package X with universal it may not go back in and rebuild Y universal as well.

You could dump out the ports you actually want (port echo requested) and save them somewhere, deactivate everything you have installed, then feed your list of requested ports in as your install command.

Be sure to add +universal if you still want it.

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