port mpkg not packaging dependencies

Dirk dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de
Sat Jun 16 04:30:52 PDT 2012

This is now filed as Ticket #34885 against port nagios-plugins.

Hope I did it right. It's my first bug report. :-)


Am 16.06.12 11:26, schrieb Dirk:
> Am 16.06.12 11:19, schrieb Ryan Schmidt:
>> The nagios-plugins port does not list *any* library dependencies.
> Sorry for the newbie question.
> Where are dependencies listed in a port?
>> Sounds like you need to file a bug report so the maintainer can add 
>> the necessary library dependencies to that port.
> Yep, will do that as soon as my registration is confirmed.
> Thanks all for helping.
> Dirk
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